Expert Services

AllStar Technology Services leverage our existing experience, success stories, and understanding of customers, users and developers to help organizations meet all of their objectives with AllStar Technology. We deliver best practices, share advanced knowledge, and address application development challenges in the form of task-driven services for accomplishing specific, well-defined customer goals are provided by expert staff with appropriate domain knowledge.

Financial Services

Your business and future depends on how well you safeguard and boost your finances. AllStar Technology is your leading edge in managing your finances. Whether you are looking to protect your business from market uncertainties or considering growing your money, we are here to serve you. We understand your needs; know the opportunities that exist to fulfill them, and help leverage these opportunities by deploying right instruments.

Business Intelligence

With pressure from competitors, increased regulation and costs and shrinking revenue, businesses need to use every tool available to make informed decisions. Today, leveraging data is a “must-have” capability. It helps drive excellence, creates a competitive advantage and allows you to make wise decisions more quickly.

Enterprise resource planning
software for managing your business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help companies manage and simplify their business processes by tying everything together under a single database and interface. When every department or location has its own software and data sources, efficiency suffers. Complicated processes drain time and money. Multiple databases create confusion and duplication. Lack of visibility makes it hard to find and fix problems. An ERP system connects employees with the information they need to support customers, processes, and projects more effectively.

Web Solutions

The web solution ensures that application development helps in reflecting the business rules while automating the business processes and workflows by defining an approach which is made to develop and implement web solutions for business needs. First, the objectives and challenges related to it are being discovered. Based on this plan a user interface is designed and then it moves to the development phase. It gives the best technology selection with a lot of benefits of latest technology. After the completion of the whole development process, it helps in optimizing phase which ensures application functionality and performance. It also facilitates the implementation of best practices to optimize the web presence.

Our Approach comprises of 6 stages:
  • Discover the objective
  • Create a plan to achieve
  • Design an user interface
  • Develop with latest technologies
  • Optimization of web presence
  • Maintenance for keep it updated

Open Solution Solutions

A new track to software development and technology implementation to existing businesses is developed by an Open source which helps businesses in saving the development cost. It acts as a full-service provider by developing, integrating and implementing the solutions with open source technology by solving specific challenges and demands.

We deals in Open source:

PHP, JQuery, JAVA, node.js, Bootstrap


Codelgniter, PHP Zend, CakePHP, RoR

CMS Packages

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

E-commerce Solutions

os-commerce, ZenCart, Magento

Enterprise Packages

PHPmotion, wiki, Dolphin, Pligg

ERP & CRM Implementation

SugerCRM, Vtiger, Ofbiz Open ERP

Test Engineering Services

Test Consulting

This consulting service provides software testing consultancy service to its worldwide clientele to enable them to deliver quality.

Test Management

These are the specialist in Test Management which delivers solutions and services to help and construct a solid base for the test process.

Agile Based Testing

This Solution usually employs a methodology that adopts agile principles, such as Scrum. Scrum is a structure for Agile principles.

Mobile Testing

The compatibility testing ensures that the application, content or mobile website work exactly as the users want them to across all devices.

Functional Testing

Functional testing aims to find how system executes the functions it are supposed to execute-including user commands & integrations.

Test Automation

Automation of your QA efforts is the key to save your cost which is needed for regression testing of every release of your software.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has a professional team which is dedicated to conceptualizing, deliver and supports mobile media solutions for start-ups and leading organizations. The groundbreaking mobile apps for this platform provides the solutions which assure the enterprises to materialize the benefits of mobile media performances with full security and at an affordable cost.

We offer:
  • iPhone App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
Advantages & Needs

In this generation, there is heavy demand for smartphones or for mobile applications due to the changing needs, popularity and its usability. Getting much more customer preferences companies crave for specialized assistance which deploys robust mobile solutions which made compatible with the present as well as for future application platforms. Applications which are designed by the digitalization of data are supposed to work on iPad and other handy devices.

Digital Marketing Services

These services managed to develop set of search engine optimization processes, concepts, and tools with years of experience and knowledge. They help the customers by providing exclusive SEO research and development to the websites which are optimized as per SEO standards.

Our Digital Marketing Service involves:
  • Website Evaluation & Planning
  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Site Analysis & Maintenance
  • Search Marketing Activities
  • Reporting

It gives complete details of the whole process in the form of a consolidated report on a monthly basis. The team members work really hard in order to increase the visibility of websites in search engines because for the success of any business it is very much essential to have presence on social media and should be optimized as per the behaviors of the user for collecting maximum possible traffic and getting the advantage of marketing over the web.